Stitch Dex Holsters 

Gun Leather... Redefined

What is your lead time? 

We have many molds. If it is common - we probably have it, If not we will consider ordering it at no extra cost to you. If you are unsure, just ask us via email at or give us a call. 

Please visit our Contacts page for a quote form and ordering information or give Todd a call at 816-830-4322 or Anna at 816-349-7554

Guns with Lasers? 

We accept all major forms of credit cards and Paypal. 

We try to stay at 2 weeks or less. If it is longer, we will let you know. 

               We CAN Do:

 Shield with a Crimson Trace Laser

 XDS with a Crimson Trace Laser 

 Bodyguard with Factory Laser 

 Ruger LCP with Laser Max


How do I place a quote or order? 

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot make holsters for gun that have lights on them. We are very sorry and hope this does not deter you from considering Stitch Dex Holsters for your future holster needs.

How do I pay? 


​What forms of payment do you accept?

Please give us a call at 816-830-4322 or 816-349-7554. You can also send a PayPal payment to once we have discussed your order or been given a quote. 

Which gun molds do you have? 

How do I measure a belt? 

Guns with Lights?